Minehut: Set up Free Minecraft Server Hosting with Minehut

If you’re a hardcore fan of Minecraft, you’re going to love Minehut. Minehut lets you set up your own free Minecraft server hosting in minutes. You can invite friends to play on your server and create your own world. With Minehut, there’s no need to pay for expensive hosting plans – you can use Minehut for free. Get started today and start building your very own world of Minecraft fun.

Minehut: How to Set Up Free Minecraft Server Hosting with Minehut

Note: This is a different tutorial on making a free Minehut.com Minecraft server for 10 players. Please see our page, “How to set up your own Minecraft server on your own computer,” for a more comprehensive guide on creating your own Minecraft server.


One of the few hosting services that allow you to run a Minecraft server for free is Minehut. Only Java Edition of Minecraft will work on Minehut servers. A freemium (free premium) hosting server provider, Minehut provides each user with two free servers, 12 plugin slots, 10 max players, and 1GB of RAM. If you need more servers, you may upgrade your plan.

How to make & host a Minecraft Server for Free with Minehut

1. Go to https://minehut.com/ in your web browser.

2. Click Sign Up.

3. Enter an email address.

4. Enter your birthdate.

5. Click the checkbox.

6. Click Continue.

7. Verify your email address.

Review the 8-character code in the Minehut email’s body.

Type the 8-digit code into the “Verify” text box on the Minehut Code page.

8. Click Continue.

9. Create a password.

10. Click Continue.

Part 2 – Setting up Your Free Minecraft Server on Minehut

1. Enter a server name. Your server name must not exceed 10 characters.

Your server name cannot contain special characters or spaces.

2. Click Create.

3. Click Activate.

4. Click Continue.

The address of your Minecraft server may now be found in the upper-left corner of the top box. A blue shield symbol is below it. You can then proceed to modify the server’s appearance and settings under “Appearance” and “Settings.”


Video: Set up Free Minecraft Server Hosting with Minehut.

Please watch this video if you want a visual guide to making your own free Minehut.com Minecraft Server.

Does Minehut give free servers?

It’s Actually Free, That being said, many people believe that our entry-level server plan is practically free, and there are no strings attached.

How do I host a Minecraft server for free?

Minehut is one of the many Minecraft server hosting services available. It’s simple to use and one of the few services that allow you to host Minecraft servers for free. For free, Minehut lets you to manage 2 separate Minecraft servers with up to 10 players each.

How many Minehut servers can you have for free?

Yes, we’ve limited the number of free plugins to 12. We’ve noticed that many servers have been able to profit and expand without upgrading as a result of recent growth. This will still allow you to play a survival server with your friends for free, with no limitations.

How do you start a Minehut server?

There are two options for doing this. 1) Go to the Panel and choose Activate Server. 2) Use /join [server name] to join the Minehut Lobby (mc.minehut.com). If you automated your server using the panel, it will take you to the main dashboard of your server instead of the login screen.

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